SEAwise Network

The SEAwise project is a dynamic research partnership made up of 24 partner institutions, drawn from 12 countries across Europe. Our partners represent, and bring expertise from, academic institutions and universities, scientific advisory bodies, fisher organisations, EU Member State governments, and EU-wide legislative councils. 

The project is led by a core team of partners who make up our Steering Committee, comprising leaders of each Work Theme and Regional Case Study. The Steering Committee is supported by a dedicated Advisory Council, and receives input and feedback from our Stakeholder Network in a collaborative structure that enables SEAwise to remain responsive to new knowledge and emerging user needs.


The Steering Committee is responsible for the strategic planning, coordination of research, and monitoring of progress on all SEAwise tasks. The Committee is made up of the Project Coordinator, all Work Theme leaders, and the Regional Case Study leaders. The group meets regularly to ensure the timely progress and delivery of high-quality research, as well as the coordination of updates and cross-cutting research across all areas of our work. 



Dave Reid

Dave has spent many years working on fisheries sustainability, fishing capacity and effort, and industry collaboration. He chaired the ICES Integrated Ecosystem Assessment Steering Group and has been involved in a variety of EU-funded projects. Dave leads the is the Ecological Effects of Fisheries work theme for SEAwise.

Dorleta García

Dorleta develops mathematical models of fishery systems that incorporate fisher behaviour and mixed-fisheries management, including the model FLBEIA. She is the international coordinator for the northern stock of European hake and participates in several ICES working groups. She is the Evaluation of Management Strategies Work Theme Lead for SEAwise.

Marie Savina-Rolland

Marie has a background in ecosystem and population modelling, with her work feeding into decision-making for regional marine planning and marine resources management. She sits on several ICES working groups and previously helped to lead the Horizon 2020 DiscardLess project. She leads the Ecological Effects on Fisheries work theme for SEAwise.

Ole Henrik Haslund

Ole Henrik’s interests span stock management, bycatch, ecosystem interactions, and aquaculture. He has been involved in various Horizon 2020 projects including DiscardLess, PANDORA, and MYFISH, the latter of which aims to provide an operational framework for the implementation of the Maximum Sustainable Yield (MSY) approach to fisheries management. Ole is the Project Management Work Theme Lead for SEAwise.


Our Advisory Council is responsible for ensuring that SEAwise remains relevant, incorporates stakeholder needs, and is grounded in high-quality science. Composed of experienced representatives from advisory organisations, the fishing industry, environmental NGOs, US and Australian EBFM experts, and coordinators of other EU Horizon 2020 research projects, the Council provides independent feedback and advice on research findings and application.


The SEAwise Stakeholder Network is a dynamic, collaborative network made up of fisheries managers, industry representatives, NGOs, scientists, and members of the public from across Europe. Its knowledge and input is central to the success of SEAwise, and ensures that the work remains relevant and fit-for-purpose in real-world contexts. Through interactive workshops and meetings which kicked off in October 2021, the Network engages with SEAwise research as “expert advice users”, commenting on key priorities and formats for EBFM advice, to ensure that SEAwise is informed by a comprehensive understanding of societal needs to deliver effective EBFM tools.

The Stakeholder Network is open to new members at any time. Our goal is to understand any challenges you face, the needs you have, and what your key priorities are. If you are interested in joining the network, or think you could contribute in any way, please get in touch.

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