Mediterranean Sea
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Mediterranean Sea

Home to a large small-scale fleet, poorly identified and heavily-fished stocks make the Mediterranean ecosystem sensitive to changing environmental conditions.

In this region, SEAwise has assessed the seafloor impacts of fisheries, fisheries-related litter, and the accidental capture of sensitive species; alongside predicting how climate change, invasive species, and management measures will interact to affect the region’s environment and fisheries, anticipating changes in carbon emissions, catches, and profitability.


Beyond poorly identified and heavily exploited stocks, low biological productivity means that species have slow rates of growth and reproduction which complicates management in this case study further by hindering the potential recovery of the ecosystem as a whole, and its associated fish stocks.

A key goal for SEAwise has been to assess the feasibility of giving Mediterranean fishers greater autonomy in decision-making, while balancing the diverse needs of small- and large-scale fleets.

  • Fish Stocks
  • Biodiversity
  • Habitats
  • Communities
  • Revenue
  • Well-being

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