Western Waters
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Western Waters

Ranging from the semi-enclosed Irish Sea to the exposed continental shelves of the Celtic Sea and Bay of Biscay, the Western Waters region is characterised by its diverse marine environments that play host to a broad range of fish stocks and fisheries.

SEAwise has analysed the implications of environmental change on fished species, and assessed how different management measures designed to deal with such changes could impact fisheries and the wider marine ecosystem – predicting their influence on catches, carbon emissions, seafloor impacts, fishing-related litter, and bycatch rates. Alongside this, we have examined the potential effects of management strategies on stakeholders.


The diversity of stocks, fisheries and fleets in this region renders effective management challenging – a situation which is further complicated by potential changes to fishing rights following Brexit, changing environmental conditions, and reduced fish growth and reproduction in the area.

By integrating social, ecological, and economic considerations into our predictions, SEAwise has worked to offer well-informed recommendations for the implementation of Ecosystem-Based Fisheries Management in the Western Waters.

  • Fish Stocks
  • Biodiversity
  • Habitats
  • Communities
  • Revenue
  • Well-being

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